Learn how to make a blog and how to make money

Do you want to present yourself as an expert in your field (without certification) like cooking, teaching, coaching, consulting, writing, photography any other you are, you need to think that how to make a blog? And good thing is that that it is so simple now and low cost to manage as well as the world is doing. You need to come on Word Press and create a blog site, it is enough to find a way to connect with many and offer your own community to the people around the world. You can present yourself as an expert in your field and more that you can get by knowing how to make a blog site, let’s discuss the benefits of a blog site.

– Instant communication with people

– Building long and solid relationship with several communities

– Find the best costumers or clients for your industry

– Make good income with affiliate promotions or with your own product

– Promote yourself or another one who you like, or who you pay for

– One of the quickest ways to start business online

– Lead to the big platforms

– Get high Traffic on your site

– Make more and permanent money

– Be social and make new relationships

– Collect the information by exchanging with people

Between all the positive and beneficial advantages of making a blog site, I am going to share some brief information about how to make a blog site on Word Press by following some easy steps here. In the very first hand, we will discuss the required things like Domain and Hosting.

If you already hosted your domain with hosting site then use it or if you don’t have to host yet, just follow these steps –

– Sign up on your hosting site – pay the hosting charges here

– After sing in you can Install Word Press from your Control-Panel

– Click on “Start” button here

– Put the domain to use for your blog site and click on “Check Domain”

– When it confirms domain ready to use, just click the button “Continue” when it ask to proceed

– Now click on “Install Now”

– Your account is created; now pick the login details by scrolling down

Start making your blog site

After hosting session you are going to enter in Word Press and a fist page that you will see it will your dashboard.

– Log in to the page of Word Press (with username & password generated in the last step)

– Now you are on Dashboard of Word Press

– Click on My blog

– Choose a theme to load by searching or selecting one of displaying

– Select the title of site

– And a Tagline description of your site

– Check post created default by Word Press

– You can edit this post by clicking on Edit OR

– Add a page by clicking on Pages menu

– Title the new page

– Fill the content in content field

And start posting your blogs that belong to your industry and interests. You will amaze with the fabulous response from this blog site and you will be happy to learn how to make a blog site in such an easy manner. This could be not only a regular income source but can make you famous within multiple communities as well.