Why your child should join Seoul Scholars International, one of the top international schools in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International is an exceptional learning institution that provides quality education for students from grade 8 to grade 12. It was established with the main aim of meeting the huge demand for gifted students who aspire to study overseas. Its objective is to provide secondary education with extremely high standards. SSI is one of the leading international schools in Seoul.

What to expect

Seoul Scholars International’s mission is to give its students education that is not only challenging, but also stimulating, so that they can be prepared and also inspired to succeed in academics. It puts a lot of emphasis on thorough and superior educational offerings so as to fulfill its mission.

Accreditation and recognition

The international school is duly accredited and/or recognized by the following bodies;

AdvancED SIWA National Independent-Private-Schools Association (NIPSA) Korea Council-Of-Overseas Schools (KORCOS) Cambridge International Examinations American College Testing

Seoul Scholars International strongly believes that diversity is a valuable asset, and that it can only succeed if all stakeholders are engaged.

It also believes that when the curiosity of students is stimulated and they’re asked to take on insurmountable academic challenges, then that’s when they learn best. Additionally, the school knows what is required for the advancement of students’ character.


Seoul Scholars International boasts of faculty members who have impressive academic credentials vast experience. The members of faculty are all hardworking, motivated and disciplined.


SSI is strategically located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, specifically in Danchi-dong.


Since SSI is one of the top international schools in Seoul, it usually admits talented students who are motivated, intellectually curious and have excelled not only inside the classroom, but also outside.

It admits those who will most likely make positive contributions to the society and those will find the school perfect not just socially, but also academically.

How to enrol

The application process is very simple. You just need to submit the application form after duly filling it out.

If you pass the initial process of application review, you will receive an invitation for interview. An entrance examination is also mandatory.

If you pass the interview as well as the entrance examination, SSI will provide you with all the necessary instructions that that regard the process of admission as well as school policies.

Benefits of studying at the international school

The following are potential benefits of enrolling and studying at SSI, one of the most distinguished international schools in Seoul


As a student, you’ll access unique athletic, special needs and academic programs unavailable in other schools. You’ll discover that interest in exceptional fields of study such as medicine and engineering will be sowed and cultivated.


If you enroll at one of the top international schools in Seoul, you’ll pleasantly discover positive change in your perception of life.

It will enable you meet people from different backgrounds that you can establish valuable and long-lasting personal as well as professional relationships with.

There are many other advantages of studying at reputable international schools in Seoul such as SS. For more information about the distinguished learning institution, please click on this link; http://ssicampus.org/en/