3 Things You Need to Know Before Making a Website

Most people fail when it comes to their website.

You have to differentiate yourself from that crowd.

Do you really think once your website is up, you’re going to have thousands upon thousands of visitors who can’t wait to buy your products or services?

99% of the time, that’s not the case. Unless you’re a seasoned pro or have a multimillion dollar budget.

Building a website is just like building an offline business – it’s going to require time to make sure it’s successful.

There are 3 main things you need to know before creating your website and I’m going to discuss them below.

1) Do Competition Research

You need to do this. Period.

You need to see who the market leaders are. Analyse them for 1 week. What are their strengths, weaknesses and what are they known for.

After you’ve done that, you’ve got to sit there and brainstorm how you are going to differiate yourself from them and ask why who someone choose me over them?

2) Have a SEO strategy

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and If you don’t know already. Billions of searches are made each day, with people all looking for a solution to their problem.

And if you are ranking on the first page – you’re going to get a piece of that traffic. And it’s not just any traffic. These are people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer! Trust me. And any pro would tell you the same.

You need to understand SEO and ensure you are building your website on a platform that is SEO friendly. And allows you to easily optimize the pages for keywords.

You should also do keyword research before you are actually creating the content – that way you don’t waste your resources. And the content will rank for keywords which your ideal customer might search for.

Remember, SEO is a must for websites. You will have problems if you don’t do it right from the beginning. Make sure to start with a good understanding.

3) Have another traffic strategy

You should have a plain of how you are going to get traffic other than SEO. Even though SEO is important – it is something that is not in your control.

One of the main strategies you should have is a brand strategy. And really focus on why the visitor will come back to your website.

But you can also do guest post on high traffic website, buy ads, create youtube videos, an affiliate program and drive traffic that way. You should have a couple, at least.

Follow these 3 things and you will start off in the right direction to building your first successful website.