Quality Yet Affordable Smash Repairs

Have you been involved in an accident and your car is in a bad shape? You should not worry about your car as K1 Motors have the best expertise and top notch technology to restore your car to the shape it was before the accident or make it even better. They are the best when it comes to smash repairs.panel beating in progressTheir specialization makes them to be ahead of their competition. They have a team of specialists how care more about making your car to be in the best state than anything else. They are highly trained and nothing makes them happier than putting a smile on your face. They are polite to their clients and you can expect the best customer relations with them when you take your car for repair. They work in a fast and efficient manner hence you will be sure that your car will be on the road in the shortest time possible. They have the latest technology such as computerized colour matching system.

spray painting

They also use the best world class paints such as Glasurit and Dupont. Their ovens have the latest infra-red systems which translate to better quality and about 70% reduced bake time.  Allowing for the least amount of time in the garage and be in the road in no time. The best part of it is that their smash repairs services are very affordable. You should not worry about having to dig deeper into your pockets to get the best service. They don’t sacrifice quality with the amount they charge for their services. Their fees are less compared to most of their competition yet they offer the best services. There is nowhere else you will get these amazing prices for repairs and at the same time get quality service. For all your smash repairs, K1 Motors is the place to be and you will be smiling all the way!