Maintain Your Color Lenses Using These Simple Tips

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Color lenses  have continued to evolve over the years so that today, they are not only available for medical purposes to correct eye defects, but also for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of the reason for getting colored lenses, there are a number of ways in which one must care for their lenses. Prior to getting these lenses, it is imperative that a client visits a qualified optometrist in order to get the ideal colored lenses properly fitted. Once this is done, the client is to maintain their lenses in the following ways.

Colored lenses must be well cleaned.
Just like regular contact lenses, color lenses must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. It is important that clients do this using professional lens care products to prevent potential damage both to the eyes and to the lens. The lenses must also be stored safely in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Colored lenses must not be shared
It is important that one does not share their colored lenses as these are health devices that are made in line with a client’s specifications. In addition, exchanging lenses with another person could easily lead to the transmission of bacteria which cause potentially fatal eye infections. If you want different looks, it is advisable to get a set of colored lenses.

If the use of color lenses leads to eye irritation, clients are advised to discontinue use of the same and see an optometrist immediately. This is because irritation could be indicative of an eye infection arising from fitting the lenses. Quick medical attention could help alleviate symptoms of serious eye problems. Lastly, make sure that you enjoy your new look with the lenses. Fitting these trendy colored lenses, whether medically or aesthetically creates renewed confidence in many individuals, and presents the perfect opportunity to get the eye color you have always desired.